Mr. Koen

“I enjoy working with YAHWEH because of the extensive knowledge of both local compliance and International Accounting Standards; the respect for deadlines and the practical hands on approach to get things done. The combination of knowledge and reliability is always a winner in Finance!”

Financial Controller,


Mr. Charlie Wright

My experience of dealing with YAHWEH has been excellent.  Following commencement of my taking an active interest in the direction, management and compliance of our local subsidiary, YAHWEH has provided teams who have:

  • worked extremely diligently with me in getting our local affairs back in to a compliant position;
  • provided support which has been vital in getting a viable administration structure in place;
  • established reliable reporting to our requirements;
  • helped us to understand the Indian regulatory regimes; and
  • been flexible, helpful and positive at all times.

Where difficulties have arisen, they have reacted extremely well and put remedial measures in place which have recovered the situations. 

Sitting down with the team at YAHWEH was a very worthwhile investment in time and has paid dividends in ensuring that we have a good understanding of each other’s needs and concerns.

Financial Director,

 Froude Hofmann Limited – United Kingdom

Mr. Robert A Wright

"A key factor in establishing our Company's presence within India was identifying good partners within legal and financial services - one of the reasons why we have continued to succeed with our business strategy is that we identified YAHWEH from the outset as the partner to support us with this strategy. During the past 9 years the relationship and benefits have strengthened due to the efforts of YAHWEH in gaining a thorough understanding of our Company’s needs and culture - this in turn has ensured that OLIVER has maximised the advantage of establishing itself within India but at the same time ensuring both financial and commercial obligations and laws are upheld.

 The continued success of OLIVER worldwide is based on its ongoing success in India. YAHWEH continues to support and enhance our capability due to their professionalism, extensive knowledge and skills in their area of expertise - this is crucial for overseas companies - I have no doubts whatsoever in recommending YAHWEH to any prospective company interested in their services."

Financial Director

Oliver Valves Limited, United Kingdom

Ms. Catherine

“Yahweh is highly professional and up to date with Indian regulations. They keep us apprised of regulations. Even though we have areas handled by other consultants – such as service tax, Yahweh would also keep an eye that our Company is compliant in areas not handled by them if overlooked by the other consultants. I feel that Yahweh do not just act as an outsource provider and demarcate their work just to their boundaries of their contract scope. They will value add and make suggestions if it is in the interest of the Company – eg advising us of fixed deposit rates, suggestion for better TDS payment, problems with our employee reimbursement arrangement etc. They are also highly efficient, prompt turnaround and service oriented unlike our experience with some other consultants’’.

General Manager

Regional Finance, Chevron Singapore